Utabi - Europe tour 2019

I'm looking for bookings in Europe this Summer and Autumn (2019).

Hello!! I’m an artist making electronica, techno and ambient music who lives in Japan at the moment. This September I'm planning to go to Europe and looking for some live bookings. Although Some of the dates are already settled by my friends in Sweden, France and Germany, I can extend this trip to any direction within Europe as long as the dates are not too tight. Please share this URL if you know any contact who might be able to book me.

Tour period


Booked gigs

Utabi's music

I started making electronic music in 1995 with old SHARP personal computer X68000, and released the CDR named "Chiped Plastic (2002)" from Kamishimo Records. Then after trying out various ways to compose music, I ended up using software called “Reason” by Propellerhead and released "Manchurian Candy (2004)" as a co-release of 19-t records (jp) and ADAADAT records (uk).

Since from the very beginning of my music career, I was especially fascinated by FM sound sources which characterize my music as you can hear and as a consequence, I came up with the idea of creating a new FM synthesizer. It was prototyped with Native Instruments Reaktor, then ported to PureData platform later, then wrapped the source code with some UI and became the iOS app which was released under the name “Frum” in 2016. This year I mastered the music composed entirely by Frum and released it as "FRUM BEER (2019)".



The FM drum synthesizer : FRUM